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It’s been a rather long week, what with the expectation of a little one at any moment. Kira was fairly certain that the little dude would join us on Wednesday, but of course, here we are. I have not really had any real sense of when the boy might come, but if Murphy was correct, he will arrive just before I am scheduled to propose my dissertation this coming Wednesday. I figure he can come today or any time before Wednesday, and then after Wednesday around 2 p.m. If he will spare me for that little window, we will share his birthday cake with him. 

In preparation for the new arrival, Avey and I spent most of yesterday working on a new project she’s been assigned in school. She is supposed to create a 3D insect model, and construct its habitat in a box. Trying to let her drive the thing, I asked what insect she wanted to make, and wasn’t I thrilled when she replied, “praying mantis.” Naturally we couldn’t have made a simple ladybug or caterpillar…

Carver has been helping with baby preparations by making sure that all of his balls are ready to bounce at a moment’s notice, and waking up extra early to get his parents used to the upcoming exhaustion.

I’ve been on campus every day this week, trying to get a little more wiggle room in my workload. I was glad to get my grades last night and find that I got an A in my psychometrics course – the most difficult statistics course I’ve had yet.

The official due date is in one week, so we’re bound to have news by then!



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