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Wet, Toothless, and Weird

The week began with a bizarre omen when Avey took Apollo out for a walk. As do most canines, Apollo loves to sniff things. On this particular morning, something caught his interest in the wind, and he traced it to our mailbox. He seemed most interested in the contents of the mailbox, though it was too early for the mail to be there already. Still, Avey’s interest was piqued, so she opened up the mail receptacle, and what should she find but a sandwich. 

Apparently the sandwich fairy heard that we were running out of meat and cheese on hamburger buns, so decided to make things right. There was no message with it, and it didn’t appear to be particularly old or anything, so we put it in a baggie to transport it into the house for a photo. It didn’t taste too bad either (just kidding, of course – it was terrible). I half hoped for a beverage the following morning, but we’ve seen nothing else so far, so we may never solve this mystery. 

Carver lost his first tooth this week! One of his bottom incisors had been getting loose for a few days, and finally one night when I was brushing them, it felt so loose that I just reached in with a tissue (to dry the spit off) and pulled it right out. 

Carver handled it really well. He usually flips out at the sight of blood or the slightest bit of pain, but he seemed mostly excited. The tooth fairy brought him some cash the next morning, so he’s feeling pretty good about the whole thing. He says that he’s used to his gap now, too. 

It seems like most of the rest of the week was spent either trying to sleep or playing in the water. On top of Merritt’s new fears of the dark and all paranormal creatures, he came down with a rough stuffy nose early on in the week. He just couldn’t seem to stay comfortable for very long most nights, so that meant that we were up with him a lot. He finally seems to have gotten over the worst of it, but at about 3:00 this morning, he came into our room screaming and crying, terrified of ghosts. He fell asleep in our bed quickly to finish off the night, but I just don’t do well getting back to sleep, so I’ve been struggling all week after all of these sleep disturbances.

In any case, we took everyone to the beach on Wednesday, as it was a warm day, and Hannah was able to join us after a quick morning at her job. Apollo still won’t come in the water very much, but he loves to sniff around and force us to make small talk with all of the other beach goers as they comment on how adorable he is and ask a few questions about him.

We then came home for the cleanup, including a dog bath, showers for everyone else, and dinner.

Hakan has still been on a creative kick this week, and spent a good deal of time working on a “comic book,” which he illustrated and wrote. He dictated the writing to Hannah:

It’s so funny, and reminds me of Avey’s first book, Ocean Blue

I’m not sure why the banana is so evil – it’s one of Hakan’s favorite fruits.

The tomato seems a lot like Hakan.

Grape is my personal favorite, and I hope he recovers soon.

Water seems to have the right attitude.

Probably Hakan’s favorite way to eat greens is to have spinach with ranch, which is obviously a match made in heaven. 

Unfortunately, Hakan came down with Merritt’s stuffy nose a few days ago. He’s had a good attitude about it, and slept pretty well last night. Poor Hannah came down with it the worst, it seems. She was glad to not have to go into work on Friday when the worst of it hit. She even stayed home from church today, still feeling like garbage. Hers is taking more of the form of a cough, so we’re hoping that it doesn’t spread any further to the rest of us, especially with school starting this week.

Yesterday, I took the boys to a splash pad that finally got fixed. They had a really good time, so it’s nice to know that that’s an option. Avey and Merritt then went with me to the dog park for Apollo to get an outing, and then Merritt and I went on a bike ride through the neighborhood, so he was pretty wiped out after that and went to bed at a decent hour before waking us up, like I said.

Kira came upon an accurate scale this week and was thrilled to find that she has lost 9 pounds since the last time she had weighed herself, so she’s feeling really good about that. She taught the RS lesson today at church, and said that it went well despite starting out a little nervous. She’s also been busy on her phone for a couple of days while keeping up with the birth of her newest nephew. He’s the sixth in her brother’s clan, and arrived last night. We can’t wait to meet him!

This next week’s big news will of course be the start of school on Wednesday. Hakan is excited, and Carver probably will be once it starts. Avey is more excited about it than last year, now that she knows the school’s layout and how the schedules work. She’s also glad to know some people, so we hope that it goes well. It sure will be weird to have just Merritt at home during the day!


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