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When it Rains…

…it floods. I’m sure this week could have been busier, I’m just not quite sure how. To start the week off, Avey was teething something fierce all week. She had a fever most of the week and was way cranky and moody. One second, she was playing like all was well, the next she was wailing like a banshee.

All turned out well, though. Avey has at least one more tooth just about to poke through on the top, Dad passed the 8-hour exam (no grades are given, you just have to get 80% on that exam before finishing the class) and had his 12-hour one in a day early. Kira learned to appreciate Avey’s non-teething days even more, and we both received a lot of compliments on our talks. They went much better than I expected, actually.

I’d like to say that this next week will be a little less hectic, but now I have to really start cracking on some other schoolwork I had to put off to finish the exams.

I guess there’s no rest for the weary. Except Avey; she gets all the rest she can stand. Hence the wild hairdos.

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