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Whirlwind Week

This week felt incredibly busy, and now that I think back about what we did, I am struggling to remember why.

Oh, that’s right.

Every single night this week was filled with something. Monday was Kira’s birthday, so after work, I picked up some roses for a little surprise. I then took a quick shower at home and we headed to The Cracker Barrel nearby. I enjoyed a nice plate of chicken n’ dumplings, and when Kira’s food came, she took a little trip to the restroom. She had been feeling a bit nauseous for a while and when she looked at the turnip greens (yeah, I would gag too) she ordered, it was too much. She threw up in the bathroom.

By the time she came back to the table, I had finished my meal and she felt just fine. She ate her meal and we headed home to open the few wrapped presents she got (she mostly just wanted money toward maternity clothes, a camcorder, etc.). She had requested blueberry pie instead of cake, so I whipped that up last Sunday afternoon and we saved it until Monday. Trying to get candles to stick into fresh blueberry pie is quite a challenge, I assure you. The neighbors dropped in to give her a card and we shared pie with them before calling it a night.

For Wednesday, we had purchased tickets to an outdoor showing of To Catch a Thief by Hitchcock. It ended up starting much much later than we’d expected, so we got home very late. We decided to do this kind of thing only on weekends in the future.

We thought for sure that Thursday was going to be free, but then Kira got a call to go visiting teaching, and I got invited to go with a neighbor to a movie. We saw Next, which was pretty good.

Friday, we decided to start looking into strollers and car seats. We spent a good long time checking some out but came home empty handed for now. We’re going to do a little more looking and read up on the best companies.

Saturday was a whirlwind. We shopped, did laundry, I packed a few boxes, I fixed a drawer in our entertainment center that had been falling off the track, we went to the stake picnic, watched a little TV that evening, and Kira went to bed while I stayed up to read for a little while. Oh, I also took the car in to check out the “Check Engine” light. It wasn’t anything serious, and we paid only $30 for the repair. That was a relief.

Today, she skipped church to go help her sister with her kids. Nursery was interesting, but not as hard as last time.

That’s the week in a really big, wordy nutshell. Sorry it lacked my usual humor. It’s much too hot to smile these days.

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