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White Sands

It was Spring Break this week! That doesn’t mean anyone relaxed, though. My dad was in town, so we met up at White Sands National Monument for a bit of fun. I had not been there for about 20 years, but remembered it as being fun and mysterious. I suppose some things never change. It was quite the hassle finding each other, but once we did, the kids had a blast exploring the otherworldly environment.

Avey enjoyed rolling around in the fine granules, and Carver appeared mostly confused for the first several minutes. He grabbed little fistfuls of sand over and over again, letting it run between his fingers. He even tasted a bit, but found it unpalatable (which is surprising, considering his frequent sampling of rocks, pine cones, etc.). 

After a while, he must have realized how much more area there was to examine, for he crawled to the top of a dune, leaving a trail of knee, foot, and hand prints, along with a few gobs of drool to mark his path.

Otherwise, it was a mostly normal week. We spent a little time playing, but I was at the Juvenile Probation Department for my normal duties, on campus working out some statistics homework, and then home with the kiddies while Kira did work things Thursday and Friday.

Maybe we’ll get a vacation this summer.


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