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Who Knows the Nose?

Pretty much everybody who has seen Avey and knows Kira says that Avey has Kira’s nose, and that Avey looks more like Kira’s side of the family than mine. In fact, my mother thinks that Avey has a striking resemblance to Kira’s brother. Here’s a shot of the lower half of Kira’s face to compare with Avey’s.

We weighed her yesterday to check her progress and found that she’s now 7lbs. 11 oz. That means her growth curve is right where it should be! That’s my little butterball! She has been smiling much more lately. Not for very long, but we have gotten her to do it when we really try, and it is certainly the most adorable thing this dad has ever seen.

Everything else is about the same. She sleeps relatively well, is eating great, and keeps Mom and Dad on their toes. We can’t wait to show her off everywhere we go!

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