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Worst Time Change Ever

This season’s movement of the clocks forward has been pretty nice for Kira and me. Now the kids get up closer to 6 and go to bed closer to 7. Still, sometimes Carver’s disregard for napping forces us to send him to slumber a tad early. The problem is that that now means that the sun is still out when he needs to go to bed. He quite dislikes this fact, and expressed such to Kira earlier in the week. He mentioned that it was still light out, and Kira explained that it was because we changed the clocks. Carver protested, citing the scene in 101 Dalmatians when Pongo moved the clock forward to try to force Roger to take him on a walk. It’s dishonest to change the clocks.

Kira tried to explain that it wasn’t her idea to change the clocks, but that everybody does it. Carver, although still unconvinced, eventually went to sleep.

Avey had a pretty rough week. She was a little sick at the beginning of the week, and then her energy, appetite, and mood fluctuated throughout the rest of it. Most days she went late to school. She had an ever-so-slightly runny nose, but no other clear signs of anything serious. I wonder if she was just trying to ease into her spring break, which hits with full fury tomorrow. 

It’s been a busy week otherwise. We are beginning to enter panic mode, realizing that little Merritt is only about 6 weeks away. We have our work cut out for us. It seems like we were ready months in advance for Avey’s arrival, but this time around we are just now beginning to understand what having a baby means.

I finally realized what was up with my elbow. It turned out to be a textbook case of bursitis, so I decided to go get it looked at. The doctors there jammed a needle in my elbow and removed some fluid, so now it is back to normal – I just need to avoid leaning on it as my boys tackle me.

Kira took the older two kids to the circus yesterday while I kept Hakan entertained at home. It sounds like they had a really good time, and especially enjoyed the clowns. There were no animals to admire, but we can do that at the zoo sometime. The weather is quickly getting nicer, so we are looking forward to emerging from our four walls to breathe in the spring air soon.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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