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Writer’s Block

One of the difficulties of keeping a regular blog is that I expect to post, even when I don’t have anything to write about. Seven days pass and if nothing blog-worthy has happened, I’m in trouble. Of course, it’s not usually that nothing has happened, but I think the problem is that I don’t remember anything that happened during the week. We get into our routines and the days all blend together with previous weeks. And I’m running out of ways to demonstrate how Avey gets cuter every week – I don’t even have any new video or photos! I hesitate to write about the weather, even though it was awfully diverse this week. There’s not much going on with our health, so no need to even waste a sentence on it. No – that would be boring.

So yeah… Maybe I should just stop typing. If there’s nothing to type, there’s not much point in doing it. This post still seems kind of short though. Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

Oh, Spring Break is next week! Yeah, so that will give me some material to write on. Next week. Ummm… we’re excited for it… should be nice…


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