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"Wuh, wuh, Enunciation"

As a two-year-old, Hakan is learning to do many things. One of these things is using new words. Because he sometimes struggles to pronounce the subtle phonemes of his native language, we often give him tips. A while back, we tried to help him understand a word that begins with the “w” sound. We emphasized the sound by stating, “Wuh, wuh, water,” (or whatever the word was). Hakan caught on, and now uses our tip all the time for help with pronouncing other words. For example, “Wuh, wuh, dinosaur,” or “wuh, wuh, pancake,” and so on. Although he clearly misunderstood the purpose of our little tip, at least he remembers and uses it. 

Merritt is getting more mobile with each day. He rolls around back and forth until he works his way to a new part of the floor, and just in the last two days he’s been scooting on his behind to move forward just a bit at a time. He’s a pro at sitting up unassisted now, remaining perpetually propped up for as long as he desires. We are nowhere near prepared for him to have free reign over the house (we’ve never had this much square footage with a mobile infant), so we are a little nervous as he spreads his wings wider, as it were.

Carver has been attending a preschool for a few weeks now, twice a week. We are trying to prepare him for school next year and trying to give Hakan and Kira a break from him every now and then. He is still so picky about his foods and so finicky about napping that we worry a little that he’ll be hungry and tired at school, thus making him a terror to his teacher and classmates. On the other hand, maybe he’ll succumb to peer pressure when seeing his classmates eating their food, and he’ll join the ranks.

Avey is looking forward to the school break this week, as am I. She’s been working on various projects at home, including comic strips with different takes on the Star Wars® universe. We are constantly amazed at how creative she is in both art and writing. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, she took it upon herself to write, design, and create a texture book about animals. She gathered all manner of household objects and treasures from outside and then affixed them to pages she had drawn and colored so that her little brothers could touch the objects and learn about the corresponding animal. For example, she made one page about a snake, and searched high and low for an appropriate texture until settling upon the fabric of an old lawn chair. Under our supervision, she cut it out and then taped it onto her book page, filling in the rest with a scene of a snake out in nature. She’s sure to publish a book or dozen someday.

Kira met with the therapist from whom she’ll be subleasing an office, and got that all squared away. She had a client all set up for last Monday, but when she had to postpone due to an awful migraine, the gentleman made some delays of his own. We hope to have her set up with clients soon.

The big news of my week was that my grad student had a project accepted for a national conference in March, and I had a solo paper accepted at the same one! I’ve been trying to get this paper up and running for some time now, but keep running into other projects. We’ll see how it’s received and maybe that will give me the motivation to focus on it.

We’re excited for Thanksgiving this year, although we are sad to be so far away from family. We’ve been invited by some acquaintances of Kira, so it looks like I’ve got a pie and some rolls to bake. Either way, we’ll get stuffed. Happy Thanksgiving!

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