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You Call This ‘School’?

Avey’s preschool class took a trip to the zoo this week. Kira and Carver were fortunate to accompany Avey’s class. I could have gone, but alas, was compelled to spend my day working on my school stuff – writing up research results to submit for publication. 

You might, at first, think that I am jealous and bitter that I was stuck in my freezing office in front of a computer screen while the rest of my family was out in the sunshine and fresh air, viewing exotic animals, eating cotton candy, and smiling until their cheeks hurt. You would be correct.

I am very much looking forward to the summer, which may allow more opportunities for play. Of course, I’m hoping to have my dissertation proposed by the end of the break, so I will have plenty of work to do.

At least the kids are still just as cute when I get home (most nights). Carver has been sleeping better at night, eating as much as possible during the day, standing up for several seconds at a time, and singing, dancing, and laughing all the time. Avey is usually in a pleasant mood, even though she often acts like a teenager. She loves her brother more than anything, which helps to make the home a haven for all of us.


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