• Elijah Ricks

Yucky Feelings

Unfortunately, the big news of this week was nothing pleasant. My step-grandfather passed away on Wednesday following a quick decline after a hip injury. Our sympathies go out to my grandmother and everyone who knew Lee. He was my grandmother’s second husband, after my grandfather passed away about 10 years ago. I wish I could make it to the funeral this week, but it’s just too much to miss in the middle of the week, and at a crucial time in the semester. My thoughts will be with them.

We’ve had our own (relatively minor) health troubles in the house too. Avey had some tummy trouble earlier this week and went to bed feeling crummy, only to be abruptly awoken around 9:45 by the contents of her stomach spreading out all over her bed and pajamas. After some damage control, she was back asleep without further incident during the night. Although we’ve been spared further vomiting, her tummy still is not quite back to normal – her appetite is very meager.

As if that wasn’t enough for us, Hakan came down with a fever and very stuffy nose early in the week. The poor guy was miserable most of the time, and it seemed the only comfort he found was in being held. Nights were the worst, as he would wake up furious at something, and completely inconsolable. We managed to ride out his screams until he was back in reality for a moment, but then he insisted on sleeping between us in our bed. That wouldn’t be so bad except that he likes his space and will kick until he has it. I spent most of this week’s night hours precariously perched on the 6 inches of mattress nearest its edge.

It turns out that Hakan was on his way to an ear infection, but his fever broke on Friday and we got him on some medicine that same day. He’s feeling much better now, but still insisted (quite convincingly, I might add) on sleeping with us last night after interrupting my sleep every half hour or so.

I’m trying not to tempt fate by typing this, but this coming week is bound to be better than the last, right?


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